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Advantages of universal crusher machine for food processing


Higao Tech produce universal crusher machines,food crusher machines,food processing machines and stainless steel crushing machines with different types and models with best quality and price in China.
Universal grinder is also called stainless steel crusher, efficient crusher, hammer mill and multi-functional grinder, chemical mill grinder. Universal grinder machine is developed based on Japanese and German technology of similar products. Universal crusher machine has simple structure, strong stable running and crushing effect is good. The crushed material can directly be different particle size can be obtained by changing different size of mesh. Universal crushing grinder is made from all stainless steel materials. The surface of the universal crusher mill is all machined to be smooth and shining, which changed the phenomenon of accumulated powder, make the drug more in line with national standards, food chemical production to suit the requirements of GMP. Universal grinder mill is the most commonly used practical model in pharmacy, food factory ,chemical plant of pharmaceutical preparation in hospital outpatient clinic research, institute of health care, factory feed mills and other units.

Universal crusher machine using active tooth plate and fixed tooth plate by means of relatively high speed relative rotation, material is crushed by the gear disk during the universal mill friction and collisions and among the materials themselves.

In the process of traditional percussion and grinding, it is difficult to overcome the getting hot and sticky materials and degeneration phenomenon. The universal grinding machine used the high-speed rotating turbine, produced strong airflow inside the crushing chamber. Under negative pressure, the material after feeding is drawn into the crushing chamber,crusher by the blade between the module and the vibration smash of strong airflow vortex , the impact of shear grinding due to mechanical and airflow crushing chamber heat will be taken away, so the heat will not be accumulated in the process of crushing, finished product get through the mesh filter, which improved the production efficiency. Grinding fineness can be adjusted by changing the screen mesh, and the finished product fineness is uniform and stable.
pin mill crusher machine for sugar powder universal crusher machine for icing sugar

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