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automatic corn skin removing machine
corn husker machine
automatic corn skin removing machine automatic corn skin removing machine automatic corn skin removing machine automatic corn skin removing machine automatic corn skin removing machine
automatic corn skin removing machine
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    automatic maize grits mill machine
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Product Details
Higao Tech produce high quality automatic corn skin removing machine,corn skin husker machines,corn grits making machines,corn peel removing machines with best service in china.
1. Description:
Peeling, grits milling and grading. Based on Semi automatic maize grits mill machine, by adding an automatic feeding system to become an automatic production team. This line can automatically lift and feed, remove maize skin, remove maize germ, remove maize radicle, coleorrhiza, coleoptile, remove black hilum, crushing or grinding, grading, polishing, intensive selection, second time dust control system, etc. Maize peeling and grits milling machine not only reduces labor intensity, but also improves work efficiency and improves quality of maize grits.

2. Final output:
1). Different sizes of corn grits can be produced by adjusting the machine. By one operation, two sizes are graded and produced and the size can be adjusted by special mechanism.
2). Maize grits & maize flour exits
a). You can adjust the machine to control the production capacity of each exit. To get more flour or more grits is up to you.
b). There are 22 gears that help the machine process the corn seeds into 22 different sizes.
3). Corn endosperm flour in 60~70 mesh.
4). Production capacity can reach up to 6~8 Ton/day (24hours).

3. Main features:
1). Automatic feeding and discharging line, require one person to operate.
2). Peel maize skin, maize coat, corn hull, corn husk, and grind corn into corn grits.
3). Peel corn to remove corn skin, remove corn germ, remove black hilum. After peeling, it prepares best corn material for further processing into corn grits. Our peeling technology is invented only for corn for purpose of low rate bran, low energy consumption, and polished and clean peeled corn.
4). Maize peeling and grits milling machine is designed with twice peeling for better peeling effect.
5). Unique and excellent maize grits milling technology makes consistent even size of corn grits. Grits are nice in color, well polished, no flour. And the size of maize grits can be adjusted easily for different demands of many different consumers.

4.Technical data:
Model: MGB-1
Capacity: 300~400kg/hr
Final grits size: adjustable
Final flour size: 60~70 mesh
Peeling rate: 99%
Motor powder: 15kw-4p
Dimension(LxWxH): 2000x550x1850mm

5. Showcase of semi automatic maize grits mill machine:

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Subject: automatic corn skin removing machine