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Basic structure of circular vibrating screen


Higao Tech is a professional circular vibrating screen machines manufacturer with best price in china.
Summary of vibrating screen:
Vibrating screen machines have various kinds as per different purposes. Vibrating screening machines have a variety of classification method from point of the author. According to the vibrating tracks of the sieving machine body namely the trajectories of screen box, the vibrating screen machines can be roughly divided into circular vibrating screen and straight line vibrating screen, rotary vibration sieve and linear vibrating screen, elliptical vibrating screen, and other major categories.

Vibrating screen usually have a vibrator, screen box, vibration isolation device, driving part and transmission part, etc. All kinds of vibration screen machines have rectangular screen surface which through a certain way to be installed in the sieving box. Sieving box and screen surface will do reciprocating motion under the action of vibrator, with continuous vibration, the materials on the sieve surface layer has been thrown up, loosened and separated, and finally achieve the purpose of classification.

Circular vibrating screener machine is an inertial sieving machine whose screen box does an approximate circular trajectory, this vibrating screening machine is also called single axis vibration screen. Circular vibration screen machines are a screening equipment with many kinds of specifications and a wide application. All kinds of round vibrating sieving machine has structures of single-deck and double-deck screen surface, which are widely used in coal, mining, power, building materials, light industry and chemical industry for a variety of loose solid material in granular and small pieces of dry and wet classification.
From the perspective of structure of the vibrator of the vibrating sieve machine, circular vibrating screening machine has two categories, that is eccentric shaft type series and eccentric lump series. Eccentric shaft type series circle vibrating screen is featured with high screening efficiency, scientific and reasonable structure, high strength and stability of the whole machine and smooth operation, low noise, easy maintenance, etc.

Second, the structure of the circular vibrating screen:
All kinds of circular vibrating screening machines, whether it's a type of base installation or hanging installation, generally consist of the following parts:
(1)vibration body or called screen box,sieving box, (2) Vibration isolation-supporting spring set (a type of base installation ) or spring hanging pole (a type of hanging installation), (3) power device - single shaft vibrator, (4) driving device-asynchronous motor, (5) related accessories
circular vibrating screening machines

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