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Categories of pulverizing machines


Higao Tech produce many kinds of food pulverizing machines and equipment with best quality and price in china.
1. roller mill, a kind of relative rotating cylinder rollers, is used as the cutting and grinding machinery, has advantages of high productivity, low power, convenient adjustment, usually for wheat expanded. In the feed processing industry, roller mill is generally used in the first step of the secondary crushing operations.

2. hammer type pulverizing mill is a kind of pulverizing machine using high speed rotating hammer to break feed into granules and powder. Hammer mill has simple structure, strong commonality, high productivity and the safe operation.

3. tooth and claw type grinder machine used high speed rotating tooth and claw to break feed into small particles or pellets for next process. Tooth type grinder machine has small volume, light weight, fine granularity, high working speed, etc.
According to different item, when you choose and buy, a number of selected models are available, and then according to manufacturing quality, sales price, spare parts supply situation and specific product selected. When choosing, do a visual inspection, and finally check attachments, specification, whether certificate of approval is complete.
Crusher machine is one of the main equipment for food and feed factory for making food and feed. The reliability of the mill running directly and the normal operation of the process behind the production efficiency is important factors for crusher machines. Therefore, maintenance and operation personnel to learn common fault analysis and processing mill system, and to eliminate in the short term, to resume production as soon as possible, it is not important. Pulverizing system mainly includes a grinder machine and electric device. The corresponding fault can be divided into mechanical failure and electric fault. The following is a mechanical failure and vibration and bearing heating and to the mill and the fault analysis.

4. Air separation mill. It is a small Chinese medicine grinder, for light and heavy, soft, crisp, toughening, scattered, suitable for tough fibrous materials and proprietary Chinese medicine compound medicinal materials processing and strong adaptability.
food pulverizing machines and equipment

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