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  • Products and service of Higao Tech Co.,Ltd.
    Products and service of Higao Tech Co.,Ltd. 2019-10-08 16:22:01

    Higao Tech provide various food processing machines and equipment with best service in china. Higao Tech Co.,Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of food machinery, pharmaceutical machinery, chemical machinery, rubber machinery widely used in rubber, pharmaceutical, chemical, foodstuff, industries, etc. Higao Tech Co.,Ltd. is set up in the year 2008 in scenic place Jiangsu. With our continuous hard effort and development for many years, we now have built up three manufacture plants. Total buliding area can reach 20,000 suqare meters and with more than 100 employees. We have import and export rights, providing design, research and development, manufacture, sale and after-sales services. We offer fully automatic turnkey system for food, pharmaceutical and chemical processing production for our customers to meet the demand of modern industrial production standard. We provide services as follows: First, we discuss the details of the product our customers are interested to buy, and provide as many details as possible for our customers to refer to before buying. Second, we provide the steel garde of the machine,like stainless steel 304 or 316L, or carbon steel covered with paint, mild steel and so on. Third, we provide the price of the machine that our customers have chosen to buy. Forth, we provide the list of wearing parts of the machine for customers reference. Fifth, we provide trial run for our customers before buying. Sixth, we could provide installation if our customers proposed. Seventh, we provide lifetime maintanence for the machines our customers have bought from us. Also we can anthorize agency if our customers are willing to cooperate with us and trying to promote the same machines in their countries. Details are to be discussed. Welcome to our factory and have a great cooperation together.

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  • Categories of pulverizing machines
    Categories of pulverizing machines 2019-10-08 16:22:28

    Higao Tech produce many kinds of food pulverizing machines and equipment with best quality and price in china. 1. roller mill, a kind of relative rotating cylinder rollers, is used as the cutting and grinding machinery, has advantages of high productivity, low power, convenient adjustment, usually for wheat expanded. In the feed processing industry, roller mill is generally used in the first step of the secondary crushing operations. 2. hammer type pulverizing mill is a kind of pulverizing machine using high speed rotating hammer to break feed into granules and powder. Hammer mill has simple structure, strong commonality, high productivity and the safe operation. 3. tooth and claw type grinder machine used high speed rotating tooth and claw to break feed into small particles or pellets for next process. Tooth type grinder machine has small volume, light weight, fine granularity, high working speed, etc. According to different item, when you choose and buy, a number of selected models are available, and then according to manufacturing quality, sales price, spare parts supply situation and specific product selected. When choosing, do a visual inspection, and finally check attachments, specification, whether certificate of approval is complete. Crusher machine is one of the main equipment for food and feed factory for making food and feed. The reliability of the mill running directly and the normal operation of the process behind the production efficiency is important factors for crusher machines. Therefore, maintenance and operation personnel to learn common fault analysis and processing mill system, and to eliminate in the short term, to resume production as soon as possible, it is not important. Pulverizing system mainly includes a grinder machine and electric device. The corresponding fault can be divided into mechanical failure and electric fault. The following is a mechanical failure and vibration and bearing heating and to the mill and the fault analysis. 4. Air separation mill. It is a small Chinese medicine grinder, for light and heavy, soft, crisp, toughening, scattered, suitable for tough fibrous materials and proprietary Chinese medicine compound medicinal materials processing and strong adaptability.

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  • How to choose a grinding machine
    How to choose a grinding machine 2019-10-08 16:22:56

    Higao Tech offer the methods on how to choose a grinding machine and grinder machine. With development of grinding machines industry, grinding crushers are emerging in an endless stream, large or small, ordinary or ultra, imported or mechanical or airflow type, but no matter the kinds of grinding machines change, whether doing a good job itself and explicitly can be very good to help you choose a suitable grinding machine for your own use, below is the summarized selected grinding mill especially superfine pulverizer mill: First, you must consider the characteristics of various types of mill: 1. experimental grinding mill: the advantage fit for various materials is to have better crushing effect, especially the Pearl, chemical raw materials, minerals and most of the traditional Chinese medicine, the built-in screen, the thickness can be adjusted. The disadvantage is that the feeding size should not be too large, production capacity is very small, only suitable for experimental sample pieces. 2. wind classified grinder machine for traditional Chinese medicine: the advantage is suitable for a different nature, such as the traditional Chinese medicine (including fiber, with a bit of oil and slightly viscous materials), food, this grinder machine has the ideal crushing effect. Degree of fineness is the best in similar products, the grinding fineness can reach up to 200 mesh. The grinder works for a long time and the body can not heat easily, the most customer response the most satisfactory models for crushing traditional Chinese medicine. The disadvantage is that the grinding after the completion of the material there is a small amount of residue is not to destroy. 3. Chinese herbal medicine crushing machine: not only has the advantages of air classified grinding machine for traditional Chinese medicine machine but also adopts high quality stainless steel manufacturing, conforming to GMP standards, can meet the requirement of clean and healthy production. 4. low noise grinding mill: has the advantages of low working noise, conforming to the hygiene standards, the size of built-in screen and thickness can be adjusted. For the Pearl, chemical raw materials, minerals and the majority of Chinese medicine this grinding mill machine has ideal crushing effect. The drawback is that the body easily gets hot, working time is not too long. Also a little oil and slightly viscous materials can not be crushed. 5. the small high speed grinding crusher machine: has the advantages of convenient use, quick disintegrating speed, drugs without loss. For the Pearl, chemical raw materials, minerals and the majority of Chinese medicine the high speed grinding crusher machine has ideal crushing effect. Shortcoming is the grinding fineness for some materials is not uniform, not suitable for large dose processing. 6. ultra fine grinding machine series models: It takes advantage of weight to grind materials, and cutting the form of dry material to achieve ultra-fine grinding r...

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  • Skills of selecting an appropriate superfine pulverizer machine
    Skills of selecting an appropriate superfine pulverizer machine 2019-10-08 16:23:04

    Higao Tech share you with the skills of selecting an appropriate superfine pulverizer machine for 80~300 mesh powder. 1. if you choose a superfine pulverizer machine for Chinese herbal medicine, preferred air cooled fine pulverizer is fit for traditional Chinese medicine or Chinese herbal medicine crushing machine, the pulverizer machine has the advantages: traditional Chinese medicine can be crushed, degree of fineness is the best among Chinese medicine grinder machines, strong wind and automatic cooling could make the grinding chamber working for a long time without getting heated. Crushing capacity can be from 0.5 kilograms to thousands of kilograms. For small amount, you can choose Model:MM-8, MM-15. For medium capacity, you can buy MM-20, MM-30. For large quantities of crushing, Model MM-60, MM-80. 2. if you smash the brittle, hard type of Chinese medicine, and the amount is small, tens grams to a few kilograms, you can choose a low noise pulverizer machine, small high speed pulverizer mill or experiment pulverizer mill. 3. if you require uniform fineness, you need to use a low noise grinder machine or experimental use of the grinder mill. 4. if you can not have the slightest loss of the drug, then you need to use a small high-speed grinding machine. 5. If you want a big output, you can choose a universal crusher machine. 6. if you choose to crush quantity of Western medicine, pearl, chemical raw materials, food raw materials, minerals, soil, coal and other materials, we suggest you choose low noise pulverizer machine, small high-speed grinding machine, universal crusher machine or experimental grinding mill. 7, if you want to crush food raw materials, can you also choose the air cooling Chinese medicine grinder. 8. the ultra fine pulverizer machine can make Chinese medicine cell wall breaking, so that effective ingredients inside traditional Chinese medicine could more easily release and improve the effect of traditional Chinese medicine, also reduce drug. After the traditional processing and drying and sterilizing, processed into ultra-fine powder, do not add any excipient agent and does not make any extraction, boiling water can take a new Chinese medicine, after more than 400 cases, over a hundred kinds of maternal and children's common diseases in the clinical trial, to obtain more ideal effect. To reduce the amount of herbs 30-80%, reduced drug volume 50-70%, which saves raw material, saves medical costs, and improves the curative effect, without new adverse reaction, avoiding the trouble of patient tisanes, taking and carrying convenient, good social benefits, welcomed by the patient. Boiling water not be pasted on the bottom, blunt no ordinary Chinese medicine powder choked astringent throat feeling, for the development and innovation of Chinese medicine, which opens secluded bright prospects. But defect is low output and low noise.

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  • Working principle and application of horizontal ribbon mixer
    Working principle and application of horizontal ribbon mixer 2019-10-08 16:23:36

    Higao Tech is a professional manufacturer for horizontal ribbon mixer,horizontal ribbon blender machine with best price in china. 1.Working principle and application of horizontal ribbon mixer: On the driving shaft of horizontal ribbon mixer is equipped with double spiral blades. Internal screw blades push material to the outside, external screw blades push materials to the internal. Materials under the convective motion of double spiral blades, form a low power but efficient mixing state. Internal and external spiral ribbons Installed on the stirring shaft drive materials in the mixing barrel to do the most distance motion. Internal ribbon blades drive materials near the axis to do rotation around the axis, and materials on both sides of the ribbon blades are pushed to rotate from outside to the inside of the axis. By both sides to push and promotion, the mixed materials can be uniformly mixed in a short time. 2.Characteristics of horizontal ribbon mixer: At the bottom of the horizontal ribbon mixer for discharging: big open structure using pneumatic control to discharge materials has the advantages of fast discharging, no residual. For high fineness materials or semi-liquid materials, usually we use pneumatic butterfly valve, or manual butterfly valve or economic applicable manual butterfly valve. Sealing of pneumatic butterfly valve for semi-fluid is good, but the cost is higher than manual butterfly valve. On occasion that we need the heating or cooling jacket, pneumatic butterfly valve can be configured. Electric heating and heat conduction with oil heating are optional. Electric heating is convenient, but slow heating with high energy consumption. Heat conduction with oil heating need to be configured with oil power, pipes, investment is bigger, but it has advantages of fast heating speed, low energy consumption. Cooling process can be directly to infuse water to the jacket and heat swap area is large, the cooling speed is fast. Between the motor and the stirring shaft are directly connected with cycloid pin wheel reducer, which forms a simple structure, high operating reliability, convenient maintenance. Applied scope of horizontal ribbon mixer: Horizontal ribbon mixer is widely used in the putty paste, stone paint, powder, putty, medicine, food, chemical, fodder, ceramics, refractory materials such as mixing solid - solid - solid (i.e. powder and powder), or mixing slurry (i.e., powder and slurry), especially for viscous materials mixing and blending. If fiber content of the material is larger, the difference of density of the material is large, then horizontal ribbon mixer is not suitable. For mixing putty paste, stone paint, biology, medicine and food industries, it is recommended to use stainless steel to make the ribbon mixing machine. In general, mixing dry mortar materials containing glass fiber beads, the horizontal ribbon mixer is fast. The motor and the stirring shaft are connected by cycloid pin wheel reducer straight. Horizonta...

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