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food grade rough grinder machine
rough grinder machine
food grade rough grinder machine
food grade rough grinder machine
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    pre-crusher with dust collector
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Product Details
Higao Tech manufacture good quality food grade rough grinder machine,food grade grinder machine,food grinder machine with a low price in china.
Food grade rough grinder machine with dust collector is used to crush big blocks into small pieces. Rough grinding process is the first step to crush the materials.
Then it goes into the fine crushing process. Food grade rough grinder machine is used widely in pharmaceutical,chemical and food fields etc.
Rough food grinder machine has better grinding effect for materials which has moderate hardness, less viscosity, less fiber etc.

2.Principle and features:
Food grade rough grinding machine with dust collector consists of two parts,crushing part and dust collecting part.
The material is fed into the crushing chamber through a hopper,crushed by simultaneous cutting of both fixed and movable knives,and then flows to the exit automatically under centrifugal force and will be collected
through a cloth bag,the dust filtered and collected by dust collector. Change the sieve to control output size.

food grade grinder

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Subject: food grade rough grinder machine