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How to choose a grinding machine


Higao Tech offer the methods on how to choose a grinding machine and grinder machine.
With development of grinding machines industry, grinding crushers are emerging in an endless stream, large or small, ordinary or ultra, imported or mechanical or airflow type, but no matter the kinds of grinding machines change, whether doing a good job itself and explicitly can be very good to help you choose a suitable grinding machine for your own use, below is the summarized selected grinding mill especially superfine pulverizer mill:

First, you must consider the characteristics of various types of mill:
1. experimental grinding mill: the advantage fit for various materials is to have better crushing effect, especially the Pearl, chemical raw materials, minerals and most of the traditional Chinese medicine, the built-in screen, the thickness can be adjusted. The disadvantage is that the feeding size should not be too large, production capacity is very small, only suitable for experimental sample pieces.
2. wind classified grinder machine for traditional Chinese medicine: the advantage is suitable for a different nature, such as the traditional Chinese medicine (including fiber, with a bit of oil and slightly viscous materials), food, this grinder machine has the ideal crushing effect. Degree of fineness is the best in similar products, the grinding fineness can reach up to 200 mesh. The grinder works for a long time and the body can not heat easily, the most customer response the most satisfactory models for crushing traditional Chinese medicine. The disadvantage is that the grinding after the completion of the material there is a small amount of residue is not to destroy.
3. Chinese herbal medicine crushing machine: not only has the advantages of air classified grinding machine for traditional Chinese medicine machine but also adopts high quality stainless steel manufacturing, conforming to GMP standards, can meet the requirement of clean and healthy production.
4. low noise grinding mill: has the advantages of low working noise, conforming to the hygiene standards, the size of built-in screen and thickness can be adjusted. For the Pearl, chemical raw materials, minerals and the majority of Chinese medicine this grinding mill machine has ideal crushing effect. The drawback is that the body easily gets hot, working time is not too long. Also a little oil and slightly viscous materials can not be crushed.
5. the small high speed grinding crusher machine: has the advantages of convenient use, quick disintegrating speed, drugs without loss. For the Pearl, chemical raw materials, minerals and the majority of Chinese medicine the high speed grinding crusher machine has ideal crushing effect. Shortcoming is the grinding fineness for some materials is not uniform, not suitable for large dose processing.
6. ultra fine grinding machine series models: It takes advantage of weight to grind materials, and cutting the form of dry material to achieve ultra-fine grinding result. Ultra fine grinding machine consists of cylindrical grinding chamber, grinding wheel, fan, dust material collection system and so on. The material passes through the feeding hole into the cylindrical grinding chamber, and the grinding wheel is rolled and cut in the circular motion of the grinding wheel. Material is crushed by the fan caused by negative pressure airflow within a crushing chamber. The crushed material goes into the material collection system, filtered by the filter bag, and discharged.
7. universal pulverizing grinder machine: for a variety of drugs, food raw materials, chemical raw materials and other materials, universal pulverizing grinder machine is an ideal pulverizing equipment. With large output and adopts high quality stainless steel manufacture crafts, conforming to GMP standards and can meet the demand of production.
8. small ultra pulverizing mill machine: the advantage is that the fineness of the pulverizing is the highest, the final powder can reach 100-500 mesh. And small ultra pulverizing mill machine has an ideal crushing effect for various properties of the materials. The defect is that the output is low.
choose a grinding machine and grinder machine for industrial production
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