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How to improve the mixing effect of the plough shear blending machine


Higao Tech supply best quality plough shear blending machine with cheap price and best mixing effect in china.
The mixing effect of plough shear blending machine depends not only on the speed of the plough blender, but also on the distance between the mixing barrel and the blending ploughshares, the length of the barrel, and other factors.
The production output and consumed power of the Coulter blender are related to the speed of the main spindle and the layout and numbers of cutting knives. the faster speed the plough shear blender machine has, the much stronger shearing effect will be got, and crushing effect will be better as well, then production capacity will be increased. General the mixing speed should be controlled within 1440 revolutions per minute beneficial to mixing. The speed of the cutting knife should not be too fast so as not to making materials being heated, should control the temperature, the temperature should not be too high, to select the control to make materials mixing finished in short time, but without adhesion on the inner wall of the plough shear mixer machine.

In order to make the coulter type mixing machine reach good mixing effect, loading capacity should not too much. If the materials are loaded too much, there will be no sufficient space for materials moving and affect blending effect and prolong the blending time, increase power consumption; if loaded too little, materials inside the ploughshare mixer machine can not form enough resistance, which weakens the mixing effect and extends mixing time. Therefore, the composition and properties of the materials, the structure of the machine, operation mode, working conditions and other factors have something to do with the loading capacity.

Generally speaking, loading capacity of plough shear blending machine is related to its working volume. The control of process conditions of the mixing machine, namely the control of the materials temperature and mixing time is generally concerned with the formulation of the materials. During operation, to mix evenly, and to prevent the occurrence of molecular degradation. Usually by means of observing the changes of current meter from the main motor, to control the mixing and blending operation process. Mixing and blending operation is generally controlled about 4 to 8 mm. The materials taking part in process of mixing are usually in powdery shape, powdery materials slightly containing granules usually rely on the flying cutters of plough shear mixing machine, so as to crush or chop the grains into powdery pieces.
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