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Introduction of chilli pepper grinding machine-part 2


Higao Tech produce high quality chilli pepper grinding machines,red chilli grinder machines,spices and seaonings grinder machines at lowest price in china.
1. Composition of chilli grinder machine:
Chili Grinder machine consists of main feeding hopper, rotor, fixed plate, sieve, chassis, supporting frame, motors and other parts.

2. Working principle of chilli grinder machine:
During the production of chilli grinding machine, the motor drives the main shaft and the turbine rotating at high speed. Grinding blocks turbine ring and mesh on the composition of crushing and grinding which is of compact structure. When the chilli peppers going from the hopper into the machine cavity, make the chilli pepper crushed by the close friction and strong impact to the inner edge of the turbine blade under the rotating air flow, and ground again between the gap of the blade and the grinding block. In this crushing and grinding chilli pepper at the same time, a lot of air sucked into the turbo, these gases play a role of a cooling machine, grinding chilli pepper and transferring chili pieces. The final crushed fineness of chilli pepper depends on the mesh size and the amount of pepper pieces and circulating air going through.

3. sealing of chilli pepper grinding machine:
Chilli pepper milling machine is fitted with labyrinth seal on the special bearing parts, which can effectively prevent chili pepper debris from entering the bearing cavity, thus extending the bearing life. The door of chili pepper grinding machine is equipped with two rubber O-rings, no dust leakage or pollution on the operating environment.

4. Showcase of the chilli pepper grinder machine:
chilli pepper grinding machine chilli grinder machine
This blade mill pulverizer with cyclone dedusting system is used to grind chilli, pepper, coriander, cumin, curry and other oily spices and seaonings.
chilli crusher machine chilli pepper grinder mill machine
chili pepper pulverizing machine chilli pepper powder making machine
Welcome customers to bring your raw materials of spices and seasonings to our factory for a trial running of our spices and seasonings grinding mill machine.

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