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low temperature frozen pulverizer machine
low temperature pulverizer machine
low temperature frozen pulverizer machine low temperature frozen pulverizer machine low temperature frozen pulverizer machine low temperature frozen pulverizer machine low temperature frozen pulverizer machine
low temperature frozen pulverizer machine
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    liquid nitrogen frozen pulverizer
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Higao Tech supply best price and quality of low temperature frozen pulverizer machine,low temperature pulverizer machine,low temperature frozen machine in china.
1. Introduction:
Low temparature frozen pulverizer machine is especially used to pulverize oily materials and materials with high sugar content into granules or powder. And some special materials that can not be pulverized under normal temperature.
Applied materials rich in oil and sugar: for example, chili, pepper, coriander seeds, cumin seeds, fennel seed, aniseed, cinnamon, walnut, red date, jujube, Chinese wolfberry, hawthorn, medicine, rubber, plastics, and many other fatty materials.
Different materials may have different crushing fineness, so please send your inquiry to us before choosing this low temperature frozen pulverizer machine.

2. Principle and features:
Frozen pulveriser machine consists of screw feeder, grinding parts, cyclone separating part, blower, electric control box and supporting frames.
Low temperature pulverizer machine is a special design combined pulverizer machine with liquid Nitrogen. The temperature of liquid nitrogen is (-196℃)196 minus degrees.
The materials rich in oil and sugar are fed into the hopper and frozen by the liquid nitrogen, suddenly the characteristics of the materials will change and become brittle and crisp, then pulverized into powder and very fine powder inside the grinding chamber and discharge from the cyclone separator.
There is no dust during the whole process, clean and healthy, easy to operate and maintain. Made of stainless steel.

3. Specification:
low temperature frozen machine,low temperature pulveriser machine

4. Showcase of the liquid nitrogen frozen pulverizer machine used more and more in chemical and plastic processing industries:
liquid nitrogen pulverizer liquid nitrogen pulverizer machine
The protecting part can be made from stainless steel 304 or steel coil. The ladder is used for workers to load the raw materials into the feeding hopper.
low temperature pulverizer machine low temperature grinding machine
It is the drawing of the total plant of low temperature liquid nitrogen grinding pulverizer machine including feeding screw conveying machine and vibrating screening machine.
freeze pulverizer machine cryogenic pulverizer machine
Crushing chamber and the electric control cabinet are displayed for your reference only.
cryogenic grinding system frozen pulverizer machine
5. Remarks:
The storage Tank for liquid nitrogen is supplied by customers. We suggest customer choose the good quality supplier for safety consideration. Also our low temperature liquid nitrogen pulverizer machine can work safe and efficiently for our customers to save cost and create values at the same time.
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