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Plough shear mixing machine is applied in dry mortar


Higao Tech produce plough shear mixing machine with various blending agitators used widely in dry mortar and other industries.
1.Scope of application:
Plough shear mixing machine is widely used for mixing dry powder in dry mortar industry, chemical industry, pesticide, detergent, food, pigment, monosodium glutamate, milk powder, salt, feed, chemicals, ceramics, plastics, rubber additives.

2.performance characteristics:
(1) the application of core technology of the new concept of plough shear type mixing mechanism, combined with discrete type blending of high speed rotating cutters, which will get a fast mixing speed. Depending on the products formula, mixing time of the blending shaft is between 90-180 seconds.
(2) plough shear mixer machine has high mixing precision, can reach good workability and evenness for various materials, and does not cause segregation during mixing process, the mixture ratio can be as high as 1 to 10000 also can meet the requirements for construction to maximum extent.
(3) unique single door discharging device. Discharging without dead zone, no residue, no leakage, discharging time is short. Simply cleaning is needed or without cleaning at all when replacing products formula of the colorful mortar.
(4) equipped with dynamic artificial sampling port, convenient for taking samples for testing, and according to the inspection of products to adjust the mixing time of the blending shaft to meet the production requirements.
(5) mixing barrel and stirring blades is made from imported alloy wear-resistant plate, high-speed flying cutters are made of wear-resistant casting alloy, with extremely high wear resistance, the service life of high shear stirring machine is extended greatly.

3.Working principle:
The driving wheel reducer drives the plough blades to move, on the one hand, push the materials move along the radial and circumferential direction, at the same time throw the materials along the normal direction on either side of the plough blades; on the other hand the thrown materials are scattered and dispersed strongly when passing through the high-speed rotating flying cutters, under the compound action of plough blades and high speed flying cutting knives, the materials constantly alternate, spread, diffuse. The massive solid-solid(powder and powder), solid-plasma(powder and liquid slurry or syrup) materials or materials with big difference in density can be mixed as well.

4.Plough shear mixer machine pictures: one is made of mild steel, another is made of stainless steel 304, also stainless steel 316 is available for customization.
plough shear mixer machine for dry mortar carbon steel plough shear mixing machine
Inside structure of the plough shear blender machine and application in blending dry mortar for reference.
stirring structure of plough shear blender machine plough shear blending machine for blending dry mortar

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