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Skills of selecting an appropriate superfine pulverizer machine


Higao Tech share you with the skills of selecting an appropriate superfine pulverizer machine for 80~300 mesh powder.
1. if you choose a superfine pulverizer machine for Chinese herbal medicine, preferred air cooled fine pulverizer is fit for traditional Chinese medicine or Chinese herbal medicine crushing machine, the pulverizer machine has the advantages: traditional Chinese medicine can be crushed, degree of fineness is the best among Chinese medicine grinder machines, strong wind and automatic cooling could make the grinding chamber working for a long time without getting heated. Crushing capacity can be from 0.5 kilograms to thousands of kilograms. For small amount, you can choose Model:MM-8, MM-15. For medium capacity, you can buy MM-20, MM-30. For large quantities of crushing, Model MM-60, MM-80.
2. if you smash the brittle, hard type of Chinese medicine, and the amount is small, tens grams to a few kilograms, you can choose a low noise pulverizer machine, small high speed pulverizer mill or experiment pulverizer mill.
3. if you require uniform fineness, you need to use a low noise grinder machine or experimental use of the grinder mill.
4. if you can not have the slightest loss of the drug, then you need to use a small high-speed grinding machine.
5. If you want a big output, you can choose a universal crusher machine.
6. if you choose to crush quantity of Western medicine, pearl, chemical raw materials, food raw materials, minerals, soil, coal and other materials, we suggest you choose low noise pulverizer machine, small high-speed grinding machine, universal crusher machine or experimental grinding mill.
7, if you want to crush food raw materials, can you also choose the air cooling Chinese medicine grinder.
8. the ultra fine pulverizer machine can make Chinese medicine cell wall breaking, so that effective ingredients inside traditional Chinese medicine could more easily release and improve the effect of traditional Chinese medicine, also reduce drug. After the traditional processing and drying and sterilizing, processed into ultra-fine powder, do not add any excipient agent and does not make any extraction, boiling water can take a new Chinese medicine, after more than 400 cases, over a hundred kinds of maternal and children's common diseases in the clinical trial, to obtain more ideal effect. To reduce the amount of herbs 30-80%, reduced drug volume 50-70%, which saves raw material, saves medical costs, and improves the curative effect, without new adverse reaction, avoiding the trouble of patient tisanes, taking and carrying convenient, good social benefits, welcomed by the patient. Boiling water not be pasted on the bottom, blunt no ordinary Chinese medicine powder choked astringent throat feeling, for the development and innovation of Chinese medicine, which opens secluded bright prospects. But defect is low output and low noise.
super fine pulverizer machine for crushing traditional chinese herbal medicine

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