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The basic characteristics of particles making machine


Higao Tech supply particle making machines, pellet making machines, granules making equipment, granulating machinery, pelltizing machines with many types and bes quality in china.

1. the particle making machine is strong, of simple operation, stable running, with a large volume of measures. Rotating drum made from stainless steel ensures the quality of the processed materials to be clean and does not change color.

2. how much mesh is used for the sieve should be in accordance with the requirements of particle size, decided by the user, the device with two steel pipe to clip, easy installation and tighten up by fine teeth, can be of appropriate adjustment.
(1) to shape particles without other auxiliary machines such as (grinder, mixer, hoisting machine, dryer), particles making machine is a whole machine
(2) the machine is small in size: more than two meters wide one meter long, under the machine can be equipped with wheels to be mobile everywhere, also can go to the fields of raw materials for processing to save the cost of the transportation. Don't need to invest in building plant, factory can save much investment, reducing investment risk.
(3) Particle making machine can be driven by diesel or electric motor for alternative. If in mobile production the driving power can be changed into diesel engine as power, not plagued by three-phase electricity. Forming pellet at a time.

For more details, please contact Higao Tech Co.,Ltd. for further understanding and communication. You are welcome any time. Higao Tech will offer good quality products with best service for your esteemed.

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particle producing machines for animal food pellet making machines for pharmaceutical industry
granules making machine for food production granulating machines for food processing line

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